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REAL LOVE REVOLUTION 2013 - July 15, 2013
World Youth Day (WYD) 2013 LOCAL CELEBRATION - July 15, 2013
No Upcoming Events
Welcome to MAPSA
MAPSA Priest In 1956, the Archbishop appointed the first Committee of Archdiocesan priest to act as a Board and to layout policies for the organization. Concrete steps were taken which led to the promulgation of a decree on November 15, 1960 by the Archbishop, which created the Manila Archdiocesan Parochial Schools Association (MAPSA), followed by the ratification of its Constitution...

MaPSA School Heads Training
July 4, 2013
6-8 May 2013 || St. Paul Center Renewal
Mass of the Holy Spirit
July 4, 2013
1 July 2013 || San Fernando de Dilao Parish
RCAM ES 1st Induction Program
July 4, 2013
5-6 June 2013 | Paco Catholic School
MAPSA ExeCom Annual Evaluation and Planning Workshop
March 21, 2012
Phoenix Development Center

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