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" Objective : To provide a window for a loan for qualified member – employees."
To qualify, employees must
  1. have a vested benefit under the retirement plan at the time he/she applies for a loan.
  2. have a take home of least 30% of his/her basic salary pay after all mandatory and duly authorized loan deductions have been made.
  3. have no outstanding loan with the school or Retirement Fund.
  4. have been a permanent member of the MAPSA System for at least 36 months.
  5. have no pending case as of date of loan application.
Required Documents
  1. Duly accomplished Loan Application Form
  2. Letter of Instruction of School Director to the MAPSA Office.
  3. Promissory Note with Amortization Schedule under the Truth in Lending Act
Other Details
  1. The amount of loan shall not exceed the vested benefit of the employee under the retirement plan.
  2. The loan is payable over 12 months in 24 equal semi-monthly salary deductions to start on the payroll date soonest after 30 days from date of release.