MaPSA CIE 2023 Dialogue

The MaPSA Commission on Integral Evangelization 2023 Dialogue was an enlightening event, held on September 28, 2023, at Pasig Catholic College. It was a morning filled with thought-provoking discussions and insightful talks. The esteemed speakers, Father Alain Manalo, touched upon the pressing issues and modern challenges faced in teaching Christian living, prominent educator and advocate Mr. Roberto Samson, and interfaith leader, Ms. Victoria Tantoco, shared their wisdom on Synodality and Ecumenism. This fruitful conversation was moderated by the exceptional Ms. Jane Lubaton-Roble. Exciting afternoon sessions at the MaPSA CIE Dialogue! Heartfelt discussions on Pastoral Ministry in Action were brought to life by our amazing speakers. Here's a quick rundown of the thought-provoking presentations: Fr. Antonio Labiao, Jr. of Cathedral-Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd shared his profound insights on the importance of pastoral ministry in our educational institutions. Truly inspiring!  Mrs. Annie Rose B. Asilo of Pasig Catholic College enlightened us with her perspectives on integrating pastoral ministry in our everyday teaching practices. Valuable knowledge for us educators!  Mr. Reynan Gaban of Holy Trinity Academy shared practical strategies on how to incorporate pastoral care into student-centered learning. Eye-opening and impactful! Ms. Morena Cosare of Pondo ng Pinoy touched our hearts with her advocacy on the role of financial literacy in pastoral ministry. Empowering our students through proper financial education is crucial! A special mention goes to Dr. Erickson Javier, who summarized the key takeaways from today's sessions in 6 actionable points. These insights will shape the future of MaPSA schools. Lastly, heartfelt gratitude to Fr. August Pulido for his closing remarks. His words reminded us of the lasting impact pastoral ministry can have on our students' lives. 

The MaPSA CIE Dialogue has been an enriching experience, connecting educators and empowering us with knowledge and inspiration. Let's continue to make a difference in the lives of our students!  

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